In this page, it introduces the secret of the Yakisoba making.

Begged expectation.

First of all, Congari stir-fries the one side of pork.

Additionally, the squid, the prawn, and the vegetable are added, and it stir-fries.

The seasoning of the noodle and "" secret is added.
    v^^)  (Coco is a miso. )

It stir-fries quick.     And one octopus are deserting.

The octopus can also join a group, and it stir-fries again.

The source is added at the end.

The plate is prepared when it is possible to do and it goes up. 。。
...Still, was the octopus deserting?

A blue sea weed and ginger are put. "Going up it is possible doing"

Do you cry because it becomes introductory of the   secret?
. . . .       6^^)